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DIY Coffee Guy

Coffee is a simple pleasure.

Good coffee becomes a passion.

Great coffee, at home, is an adventure! was created to share the adventure that is great coffee at home. 

Combining passion for coffee with engineering knowledge and DIY ideals, we will explore the practical aspects of roasting, grinding and extracting coffee at home.


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The espresso re-extraction experiment

The Espresso Re-extraction Experiment Over the past year I spent quite a lot of time thinking (and writing) about carbon...

Front/Middle/Rear: Original 4-hole steam tip / commercial 2-hole steam tip / DIY single hole steam tip

my steam tip journey

Original 4-hole Steam Tip When I first got my Bezzera BZ99S espresso machine, it was fitted with a four hole...

Carbon dioxide regulator.

carbon dioxide and espresso extraction

Carbon dioxide – What’s the fizz? What springs to mind when you think about carbon dioxide, in the context of...

estimating the steady-state permeability of coffee grounds

estimating the steady-state permeability of coffee grounds

Article Review Overview The authors of this article were investigating the permeability of beds of spent coffee grounds. They measured...

What Is A Phase Fraction

What Is A Phase Fraction

The Phase Fraction The phase fraction is a measure of how much of a fluid is in each phase, measured as a fraction of...

Espresslo – Slow Motion Espresso

Espresslo – Slow Motion Espresso

Slow motion espresso – espresslo? An espresso extraction from my Bezzera BZ99s espresso machine with a modified DIY bottomless /...

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