About the DIY Coffee Guy

A childhood spent inventing, designing, creating, modifying and experimenting led him to become a chemical engineer.

It also left him with what some may describe as an obsession for solving problems and the rather stubborn belief that if it can be done, he should try to do it himself.

One day, he discovered that great coffee could be made at home.

When he emerged from the subsequent implosion, he had become… The DIY Coffee Guy!

The DIY Coffee Guy now roasts his own coffee – in a roaster he designed and built.

He enjoys espresso coffee from a slightly modified, self-maintained, vintage* Bezzera espresso machine (usually in a 50:50 ratio with smooth silky milk, finished with something which resembles latte art). *well, ca. 1985 anyway.

He loves the theatre of syphon coffee (perhaps even more than the taste).

In the warmer weather, he enjoys experimenting with a variety of cold brew coffee methods.

He even planted a coffee tree in his backyard (but is not very optimistic about it’s chances in a Mediterranean climate at 100m above mean sea level).



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